Promoted feature: Jackpots – big wins for operators and players

Jackpots are the latest level of gamification added by iSoftBet at a major launch held in Q4 2021. CPO Andrew Bonnici discusses why offering a customisable jackpot solution was an important moment for iSoftBet, and why the appeal of winning big will always be vital in slots

The lure of jackpots is something that has resonated in the gambling industry and with players throughout history. The chance of winning huge, potentially life-changing amounts on a single spin has always attracted players and ultimately always will.

Increasingly though, operators and suppliers need to carry on finding new ways to keep their players stimulated and entertained. And so, this is why jackpots need to be evolved, despite being a trusted engagement and acquisition tool for so long.

Although being a great way to attract and retain players, most will never land that life-changing jackpot. But with the ability to add different kinds of jackpots such as progressive, quick wins or cash and non-cash prizes, operators can enhance the excitement even further and attract and target more customers than through traditional methods.

In October 2021, iSoftBet launched Jackpot Tool, its flagship, data-driven, customisable player engagement solution that operators can tailor and apply to over 8,000 games available in both the provider’s own proprietary portfolio and aggregation offering.

Aware that every operator has unique needs and ever-changing requirements, the tool allows partners to be as granular or as high-level as they want in pursuit of an optimal jackpot solution.

With iSoftBet’s Jackpot Tool, player engagement has been proven to be significantly boosted, generating 35% more spins on games with the tool compared to games without. It also saw a 350% uplift in bets and 150% increase in active players in just a three-month period.

This highlights the importance of having flexible, customisable gamification solutions that can transform games portfolios. We see that iSoftBet’s games continue to perform, but the addition of a dynamic, modern jackpot solution has allowed operator partners to elevate their offering and has taken the player experience to new heights.

Allied to the sheer variety of customisation, data informs the igaming world like never before. With the data tools available to partners through the Jackpot Tool, operators can make informed decisions and tweak promotions and jackpots based on a variety of triggers. As a vital part of the modern gaming landscape, jackpots that are flexible and agile bring a USP to operators that can ensure they stand out from the crowd.

The future of jackpots

As markets continue to embrace regulation, and indeed as legislation tightens in certain areas, there is an increasing need to look beyond bonusing to attract and retain players. Jurisdictions like the US, while only recently establishing an online market, could become even more lucrative if jackpot games take off. Potentially the biggest igaming market in terms of scope, with a founded history in land-based jackpots, online titles could be taken to a new level if well-crafted jackpot solutions are rolled out to players.

The same can be said for newly regulated markets such as Greece or Germany. If jackpot solutions are brought in correctly and securely, then players will have an enhanced responsible igaming experience, with more excitement as a result of the lure of winning big.

The expansion of jackpots from one-time seven-figure payouts to a variety of big wins has mirrored the increasing reliance on leading gamification suites. While excellent gameplay still stands out from the crowd, this coupled with comprehensive toolkits to enhance sessions, be it prize drops, rewards, leaderboards or jackpots, will elevate good suppliers to great ones.

Ultimately, if players enjoy their sessions more, their lifecycle will be longer, margins will increase and more players will be attracted to popular games.

With even more in the roadmap for iSoftBet, it’s clear that the focus is on gamification to maximise potential relationships with operators. Everywhere you look, suppliers are working hard to create cutting-edge gamification tools, from the minute to the major, and iSoftBet intends to be at the forefront of the next wave.

We are very excited to continue to collaborate with new customers and support them launching the Jackpot Tool to elevate their gameplay. We will go above and beyond to bring new experiences to players everywhere.

Andrew Bonnici, iSoftBet

Andrew Bonnici was previously an investment banker before moving into the igaming industry in 2014. He headed the data science and business intelligence division at Betsson Group, where he built its big data platform as well as its associated AI and analytics data product portfolio. Bonnici joined iSoftBet in 2018 to spearhead its data initiative and successfully delivered an advanced cloud-based data platform that powers iSoftBet’s business analytical capabilities. In Q1 2020, he became chief product officer, tasked with delivering on the company’s vision to create amazing gaming experiences by developing and building the company’s games and platform product profile.

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