EGR Jurisdiction 2017

For many jurisdictions the past year has brought about
uncertainty and instability on a scale previously unseen. The
result of the UK’s EU referendum caused global shock, but it is time
to move on and evaluate how best to deal with the fallout. Although,
this may be easier said than done for some jurisdictions.

In recent months the prospective date of invoking Article 50 of the
Lisbon Treaty has been outlined by the UK prime minister. For many,
the end of March 2017 cannot come soon enough as the current
period of ‘wait and see’ slows business, however, for others the delay
is giving time to lay the groundwork to deal effectively with every
possible scenario.

Due to its integral relationship with egaming, technology and
innovation feature throughout the report. The continuing boom of
esports, the growth of daily fantasy sports and the development of
VR and AR technologies are asking new questions of jurisdictions, of
which some are taking the lead.

It’s said major change normally brings new opportunities. So
while this year’s EGR Intel Jurisdiction Report is delivered at a time
of increasing global unpredictability, through detailed analysis and
expert perspective our aim is that these pages explore the range of
prospects available in the industry.

Continent 8 Technologies
Government of Gibraltar
Isle of Man Government
WH Partners