EGR Affiliates Report 2021

The EGR Affiliates 2021 report gives voice to a range of affiliates, providing an update on trends and concerns, as well as service offerings provided in 2021.

The contributors to this year’s report discuss their observations and experiences within the gaming industry over the past 12 months – where the big changes have occurred and how that’s impacted affiliates and their partners, both new and established.

The first half of 2021, despite the very welcome return of the postponed Euros and Olympics, continued to see pandemic-induced restrictions.

With circumstances challenging for so many, the online gaming industry enjoyed a significant silver-lining, with record numbers of new depositing customers in almost all verticals seeking entertainment from home to replace live sporting events, live tournaments and in-person casino cash tables. During this time, affiliates played an even more important role in customer acquisition when in-person alternatives were limited.

There have been disruptions of course, not least from increased regulation and legislation changes. But demand for affiliates is at an all-time high and, as accustomed as they are to rising to new challenges, major consolidations are taking place and new markets are being tapped.

We hope this report will provide some insight into the igaming landscape from key players within the affiliate space.


  • Betsson Group
  • Condor Gaming
  • Intertops
  • Paysafe's Income Access
  • RB Capital