Promoted feature: Regily plans to disrupt how US operators connect with their players

Kristoffer Cassel of Regily outlines how the firm’s technology can be used to increase conversion in a complex regulatory system, and its expectations for the US market now and in the future

EGR North America (EGR NA): Who is Regily and why are you entering the US market?

Kristoffer Cassel (KC): Regily is a Swedish-based tech company founded four years ago. We have been laser-focused on how we can make it easier for customers to connect with great services and brands online. Our technology helps operators replace boring signup forms with high-converting adaptable flows.

Having been extremely successful in the European gambling market, we see the US as becoming perhaps the biggest market for us within the next year. We already have some presence in the US with a New Jersey license, but we are working hard to become a fully-fledged supplier in all the relevant states.

EGR NA: What are your goals?

KC: Our aim is to become the gold standard for how players register and connect with operators in the US market. On a more practical level, we intend to win state-by-state and within the next six months have optimized flows in all regulated states in the US. We need to have the best localization for each state to make the registration great for the customer while also complying with the state requirements and regulations.

EGR NA: How have you prepared for taking on US clients?

KC: We have already processed millions of transactions from the US markets in other industries, and we see that the behaviors of people online tend to differ considerably not only between different players, but also between the US and Europe as cohorts. We knew from our data that we needed to make certain adjustments and optimize our technology for the US markets; there’s been a lot more effort involved than simply transplanting our Europe-based offering to the US.

EGR NA: What other factors are you keeping front of mind when thinking about developing in the US?

KC: Just like Europe has a diversified regulatory landscape between the different countries, there are material differences between the US states and their respective regulations. Fortunately, this is something we have already factored in, and our technology is uniquely positioned to handle this complexity at scale.

We have a solution where our partners can go from one state to the next and have an efficient signup and registration process tailored for each state on day one.

EGR NA: Why should operators care about personalizing their registration?

KC: We have consumers from all over the globe, and our analysis has shown time and again that different demographics behave in different ways. My father, for example, is going to expect a far different experience when connecting to the service than my younger sister. She just wants to click through rapidly and he may want to spend more time reading and digesting content. A bad experience may cause them to drop off instead of completing the registration process, and personalization solves that by adapting the registration to their preferences.

There will always be a big difference between how people interact online and our system is able to tell that, for example, by how long ago someone updated their operating system on their mobile phone, what model phone they use, what type of broadband they are connecting from, and many other factors that inform our approach. This is all personalization that in turn drives conversion.

EGR NA: What opportunities do you see for land-based casinos?

KC: Some states have a significant amount of omni-channel users – people that are signing up online or offline in a casino. This is an area we have already invested a lot of money and time in over the last three years. Thanks to this effort and our proprietary technology, we have been able to create the best omni-channel solution for how clients sign up at the venue and online. It should feel like it’s the same thing, with a transitional process between the two that is seamless. We are the experts here and I don’t believe anyone else is currently focusing on solving this in a good way.

EGR NA: Why has Regily been so successful so quickly and what lessons will you take into the future?

KC: The reason why we have been such a big success in such a small time has been because we have had the right people, and people that can quantitatively work with data and also understand local challenges. As said, we have some boots on the ground in the US, but we are in the coming years expanding our presence there a lot and obviously looking for the best talent in the US market to join us.

EGR NA: What developments do you expect to see in this area in the coming years?

KC: I think we will see several things. The first relates to the professional handling of this area. By using the best technology and specialized suppliers, I think all operators will move towards a more streamlined conversion process which we are already seeing evidence of in Europe.

The other thing which we expect to see is the merging of affiliate landing pages and signups. We already have a solution that we call Regily Remote, which basically allows people to sign up at the points of the affiliate directly with our partners. I strongly believe that landing page and redirects as a way of becoming a customer will, and should, disappear.

Lastly, we think we will drive the merging of signups and logins as a concept. People currently think about signups and logging in as the only two ways to connect with an online service. We think about it as checking in and that there are actually a lot more phases involved. Our solution allows connecting to your customers in a more granular way, whether that means coming from an affiliate, having played offline or being completely new we should make it as easy as possible to start play.

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Kristoffer Cassel, Regily

Regily applies advanced technologies to make it enjoyable for users to sign up for new services online. The company is on a mission to fix one of the truly broken processes of the web.

The solution allows users to control data while making great services grow faster. Regily evaluates current forms, sets up a workflow, and provides front-end integration to keep services up-and-running within a day.

The company was founded in January 2017 by Kristoffer Cassel and Alexey Kuznetsov. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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