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EGR NA talks to Allan Petrilli of analytics services company Intelitics and James King of innovation platform Flows about their recent partnership and what it means for future opportunity and growth

EGR North America (EGR NA): Intelitics is a performance and marketing provider. Tell us more about your business and your team.

Allan Petrilli (AP): Intelitics has been developed to provide the igaming industry with one centralized platform from which operators can track, analyse, and grow all of their user acquisition channels. This includes affiliates and also paid media, a channel we know offers tremendous potential for user acquisition but has historically been under-used by operators because there has not been a cutting-edge platform from which to launch and manage activity.

Intelitics provides this, as well as access to actional, real-time data to help operators and their marketers boost return on investment (ROI) from their user acquisition spend.

EGR NA: North America is a large focus for Intelitics. Why so and where else is a focus?

AP: The North American market is one of our main focuses due to the tremendous potential it offers in terms of opportunity and growth. There really is no other market in the world like it and we believe our platform and services are the perfect fit for operators targeting the US and Canada.

As operators look for sustained growth, they need a platform that will help them both scale and optimize spend properly, and that is where we fit in perfectly. That said, we have a global footprint and are geo-agnostic when it comes to the impact our technology has on helping operators grow.

EGR NA: You have recently partnered with the innovation platform Flows. What will this bring to the Intelitics table?

AP: The challenge for many brands when it comes to either implementing new technology or being able to make agile decisions is their inability to access information quickly and in a consumable and actionable way.

Our partnership with Flows gives their clients a seamless integration into our platform, meaning there is less lift on the client end and a quicker way for them to start utilizing our technology. We also know how busy operators are, and we wanted a way to make it easier for them to adopt our technology. Flows is the perfect partner for this.

Our companies have very similar thoughts when it comes to the direction the industry needs to take from a data perspective, and it is refreshing to partner with a company that shares our vision.

EGR NA: What does this partnership mean for Flows? How will it make Intelitics’ platform different from their competitors and what will it offer its customers?

James King (JK):  It means that we can offer our customers, and especially those in North America, the ability to tailor their access to one of the leading marketing technology data platforms.

This really emphasises two key deliverables of Flows. The first is choice: through our fast and agnostic integration process (we have the ability to ingest data from any source) we allow our customers to easily work with and access third parties of their choosing and we’re really excited to have now Intelitics available.

Secondly, it gives our customers the ability to customize how they interact with and use the data passing between them and their third parties to allow them to build out new features or mini applications or additional workflows, for example.

This is then the same for Intelitics. By using Flows, they can build new features or custom applications that they want to offer their customers or even tailor for individual customers without having to go through any heavy builds or lengthy sprints. Flows very much liberates both supplier and customer to freely innovate at speed.

EGR NA: Have you noticed any trends or differences among marketers in the North American market?

JK: I’ll let Allan go into more detail on this as he’s better positioned than I am, but at a high level, we’re very much seeing a more granular approach taken by marketers towards their customers and potential customers. It’s why we’re seeing such an uplift on the intelligent use of data and, from our side, how Flows can support and encourage this further. 

AP: As we all know, the North American market is a gold rush to acquire users. Most operators are spending astronomical amounts on branding and user acquisition, with less focus on sustainability and profitability than international operators.

As states open up, it is imperative to leverage the first-mover advantage and secure significant market share in the early days. This is why we are seeing big brands outspend mid-tier operators, especially when it comes to above the line and out-of-home marketing campaigns.

But most of these operators have rudimentary reporting and tracking platforms and are still manually doing much of the work when compared to international operators who are embracing automation and AI.

This will undoubtedly change as we are already having operators talk about the pressure of more responsible spend coming down the road – data and automation will be the key to achieving this. This is an advantage for companies like Intelitics and Flows as we have the platforms and technologies to help operators achieve this.

EGR NA: What can customers of both Flows and Intelitics expect in the way of innovation and growth from both companies in the future?

AP: Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for tracking, reporting, and optimization for operators and traffic sources. We are in the process of building out additional business intelligence tools to help brands optimize campaigns in real time, including key performance indicator (KPI) driven decision making as well as life-time-value prediction built directly into the platform.

JK: We’ll be continuing to develop our archive of pre-built Flows ranging from player safety Flows through to Flows that enable you to build tournaments on the fly. This means that our customers can activate Flows off the bat and easily iterate the ones we provide before they even begin to create their own.

We’ll also be building out our ‘app’ store which will allow customers to interact with a whole bunch of third-party APIs within their Flows, from weather apps through to the more mainstream ones like Slack.

EGR NA: What is next for Flows and Intelitics in 2022?

JK: Following our launch at the end of October 2021, we’ve been focusing on two areas to best position us to grow during 2022. This includes demoing Flows to as many people as we can (thus populating our pipelines) and updating the user interface, which is now complete.

By doing this, we have formed the foundation for us to grow our customer base throughout the coming 12 months and expect to announce new clients from this month onwards. It will really be a year of growth for us, and we’re just really excited to get out to events, showcase Flows, and support as many people as we can with our product.

AP: If 2021 was a year of Intelitics establishing itself within the industry, in 2022 we expect significant growth in the uptick of new clients including a handful of tier-one gambling brands partnering with us. We have spent the better part of five years building our technology and laying the groundwork, so we truly believe this year will be transformational for our business and our partners.

Allan Petrilli, Intelitics

Allan Petrilli is VP of sales and growth at Intelitics, a marketing-tech and analytics services company that provides data driven user acquisition across online and mobile channels, leveraging their innovative igaming-focused marketing technology stack. Petrilli has been in the industry since 2011, delivering tailored and proven user acquisition strategies across all igaming verticals.

James King, Flows

James King is the CEO of Flows, an integration platform that empowers organizations to connect apps, innovate, and drive digital automation, without code. With over 10 years’ experience in the igaming space, King co-founded Flows after previously serving as director of sales at leading tech and media powerhouse Gaming Innovation Group. Flows launched in October 2021.

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