Developing strong iLottery programs amidst fierce competition

iLottery is more popular than ever and the competition has never been quite so fierce. Now more than ever, iLottery programs must consistently modernize and refine their solutions in order to stay on the cutting-edge. But how?

EGR speaks with Liz Siver, General Manager of NeoPollard Interactive (NPi), about developing strong iLottery programs in a sea of modern gaming options.

Growing an iLottery program from the start isn’t easy, but state Lottery programs have huge advantages for players. Strategic partnerships, with iGaming and Lottery industry experts like NPi, help Lotteries achieve sustainable long-term growth, even when surrounded by “giants” of the digital gaming industry.

NeoPollard Interactive (NPi), jointly owned by NeoGames and Pollard Banknote, partners with Lotteries to create bold and innovative iLottery programs that not only compete with other market offerings, but return significant revenues to state beneficiaries. NPi is a leader in the iLottery industry; together, its Power Suite of services utilizes data-driven insights to create a robust, high-performance gaming experience for iLottery players.

“In our modern digital world, the target is always moving. Lotteries must consistently innovate and heighten their programs to provide the most compelling offerings for players. Two examples of how NPi does this for Lotteries are 1) evaluating trends and 2) delivering technology, services and games that allow lotteries to competitively evolve their brand.”

Evaluating Trends

Evaluating trends is an important way for iLottery programs to garner information and develop practical strategies to adjust accordingly, suggests Siver.

“During the last two years, there was a huge rise of everything online. eCommerce enabled consumers to self-serve—streaming content, grocery shopping and more. Customers and brands alike benefitted from the shift to interconnected online services. The trends of advertising and marketing to players have shifted permanently. Brands in all industries are now permanently connecting online to retail, social media, and personalization.”

What are the biggest growth trends that iLottery states should now be focused on?

  • Data – enhancing player engagement through personalization
  • Content – delivering entertainment experiences with robust portfolio strategies
  • Omnichannel Engagement – creating connections with retail partners

Siver suggests that the best iLottery programs focus heavily on all of these areas.

“By evaluating a Lottery program’s success in these areas, we are able to adjust and amplify their services to ‘bridge the gap’ and bring them closer to the products that players crave. Players are the number one priority.”

Competitively Evolving a Lottery Brand

Now more than ever, Lotteries must harness the power of their brand in bold new ways. Why? Siver reveals that for the first time, Lotteries are facing aggressive competition from iCasino and sports betting brands as legalization continues to move forward in many states. These national brands are offering huge incentives to players as well as spending millions on multichannel advertising.

Bigger brands with bigger budgets = a more competitive gaming landscape

“Innovation is the key to Lottery success in this new competitive landscape. It is time to think differently about how and where we communicate our brands. NPi’s Ignite Player Marketing team fuses insights, creativity, and technology to help Lotteries differentiate their brand from the competition.”

Creating a Strong Lottery Brand

Five steps to build a strong lottery brand

  1. Player Research
  2. Collaborative Workshops
  3. Differentiating Product Verticals
  4. Design the Creative Approach
  5. Build the Brand Guide

By following these steps, Lotteries are able to harness the powerful brands they already have, magnifying them and providing exactly what players want. Lotteries have strong, trusted, local brands that have been contributing to good causes for years. This is a key competitive advantage for lotteries – modernizing a Lottery brand to increase awareness will be a game-changer, allowing Lotteries to raise even more money for the important beneficiaries they support.

Lotteries have the capability to compete, asserts Siver. Creating a strong Lottery brand will strengthen engagement with the new generation of digitally savvy players.

Reinforcing the shift to eCommerce in 2021, over $1 billion was wagered in NPi’s network of lottery partners that closed FY21 on June 30, an increase of 764% over FY20. NPi’s Power Suite provided the comprehensive iLottery services that powered these results. By harnessing the power of technology and industry knowledge, the Power Suite provided Lotteries and players first-of-its-kind comprehensive services and expertise — delivering impressive results for iLottery partners. This growth proves that the Lottery industry is ripe for modernization and regulation.

“iLottery continues to grow and as it does, the stakes have never been higher. iLottery programs must continue to modernize their programs to adjust to this new standard and the trends as they evolve.”

Liz Siver joined NPi nearly four years ago after spending most of her career at Microsoft, leading teams that delivered technology solutions and services to commercial, state, and local government customers across the U.S. As General Manager of NPi, the iLottery joint venture between NeoGames and Pollard Banknote, she has used that experience to help the company expand its solutions to state lotteries in Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia, and the province of Alberta, Canada. In the process, she has helped transform NeoPollard into the leading North American iLottery supplier.

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