New York bill amendment to allow mobile betting at pro stadiums

The bill, to be voted on next week, will allow certain stadiums and racetracks to operate casino-owned mobile betting kiosks

An amendment allowing mobile betting at professional sports venues and racetracks in parts of New York that do not have a licensed casino has been proposed today.

A selection of venues, which will likely include Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden, will operate mobile betting kiosks owned and operated by a licensed state casinos.

Under the amendment, New York Racing Assocation facilities will be able to launch mobile betting via kiosk at the same timer as the four upstate casinos already authorized to offer legal betting.

Stadiums and racetracks will be phased in afterwards.

In a statement, Senator Joseph Addabbo said the amended bill expands on where and how an individuals can place a sports wager.

“By enabling the mobile sports wagering component, we will be able to capture a majority of the illicit practice [of black-market betting] while further protecting our consumers,” Senator Addabbo said.

The bill also supports legal mobile betting within licensed casinos with a tax rate of 12%, compared to the 8.5% rate for land-based licensees.

The New York State Gaming Commission will vote on the bill next week.

Both Washington DC and Illinois have passed similar laws to allow for in-stadium betting.

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