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New Jersey developing ‘hybrid’ sports betting framework based on Nevada and the UK

State has already started work on a regulatory model, including plans for online betting

New Jersey is working on sports betting regulatory framework that will combine elements of the systems in Nevada and the UK, EGR NA has learned.

Director of the DGE, David Rebuck, said this week his team were already working on the framework, in anticipation of a positive judgment from the Supreme Court.

“Whatever the court decides, we will be prepared for legalization of sports wagering,” Rebuck told EGR NA. “That means we have to be prepared with a regulatory model that is second to none.”

He said New Jersey was looking to combine the best aspects of Nevada and the UK, adding: “I have a high degree of respect for the UK regulator. I’ve been there a number of times to see their operation and I think there’s a lot to learn. And then Nevada has a very strong system that works well. Between those two, we have a lot of confidence we can take the best from each and have a consolidated model.”

Rebuck also suggested New Jersey would be ready to take sports betting online immediately, saying the regulatory model had already been successfully established in Nevada

“Nevada does a good job of regulating that,” he said. “I don’t think the technology issues are significant. Delaware has strong regulatory model for online gambling without sports, and so do we.  I don’t see it as troublesome for these states to expand their offering to online betting. Then other states will have to learn from our experiences and make their own determination.”

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the sports betting case on December 4, with the court then expected to deliver a verdict sometime in the spring.


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