GVC extends Optimove CRM deal to Roar and Gala brands

Partnership enables GVC to target various customer segments with customisable multi-channel campaigns

GVC Holdings has extended its partnership with CRM firm Optimove to cover its Gala brands and its US JV Roar Digital.

GVC said the partnership enabled it to which target granular customer segments with customizable multi-channel campaigns.

Francois Orhan, global director of CRM at GVC, said: “As we’ve established ourselves to be one of the leading gaming brands in the world, we face a growing challenge in keeping the management of customer engagement in a simple and yet diverse fashion that will cater for players of different brands, regulations and countries.

“Our long-term business relationship with Optimove has an impressive track record. We look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Roar’s marketing strategy in the US will be overseen by CMO Matt Prevost, who joined Roar in January as the first senior appointment made by newly-appointed CEO Adam Greenblatt.

The US JV has agreed a partnership with Major League Soccer but has yet to turn on the marketing taps as it builds out its product.

Optimove said its data-led CRM approach helped operators build player loyalty, leading to significant increases in retention, engagement and lifetime value.

Asaf Cohen, VP of revenue at Optimove, added: “GVC is a long-standing client and this renewal solidifies the relationship between companies even further. We’ve seen GVC grow and evolve over years, and we’re very excited to have some part in its global growth.”

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