AGA launches first Responsible Marketing Code for sports betting

Trade association enforces RG-led advertising code for members

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has released its first “Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering,” one year after the repeal of PASPA.

The code encompasses three operator-facing segments which include respecting the legal age for sports wagering, supporting responsible gaming and ensuring digital media and websites are in line with the AGA code.

Under the code, no sports betting message should appeal to underage individuals and advertisements should not be placed in media outlets that appeal to those individuals.

No sports betting message should depict or feature characters or music designed to appeal to underage individuals or imply that underage individuals gamble. Sports betting ads in college or university owned news assets are also banned.

Adverts must not promote “irresponsible or excessive participation” in sports betting and should include responsible gambling messages, providing links to responsible gambling services. All advertising must also include a reminder of the legal age for sports betting.

Bill Miller, president and CEO of the AGA said the new code sets a “high bar” for sports betting advertising and the AGA challenged operators, sports leagues and teams, broadcasters and other businesses to “rise to this standard.”

“The gaming industry has an obligation to extend our decades-long commitment to responsibility to this growing sector, and that’s exactly what this effort codifies.” Miller added.

Elsewhere, AGA member-controlled websites will be required to include geolocation mechanisms on those pages where individuals can engage in gambling, in order to screen any individuals who reside in jurisdictions that have not legalized sports wagering.

All AGA members will also be obligated to develop an internal review process to evaluate whether promotional and marketing messages comply with this Code, and to conduct periodic reviews of promotional and marketing messages to evaluate compliance.

As part of its commitment, the AGA will provide training biannually, together with focussed training on specific areas of the code for AGA member firms.

The full code can be accessed here.

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