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Operator/supplier deals

Churchill Downs – SBTech (sports betting)


Online/land-based partnerships



Licensing deals



Marketing deals



Sports teams/franchises

There are no major league teams in Kentucky




Online/offline revenue split

For pari-mutuel horse race betting, roughly 20/80


Amounts wagered



Total number of betting premises

Nine licensed ADW operators. Eight licensed racetracks.


Stake tax take

1.3 percent of handle for pari-mutuel horse racing.

What type of licenses are available?



How many skins are permitted per license?



How do you apply for a license?



What are the integrity fees?



What is the current tax rate?

The current bill proposes a hefty three percent tax on handle. The current pari-mutuel tax rate is 1.3 percent on handle.


Is there a self-exclusion register in the state?


Is sports betting legal? 


Kentucky introduced a bill proposing to regulate sports betting in 2017. In summer 2018, a new bill was proposed as part of a new committee created to advance sports betting legislation. A big push is expected in 2019.


Regulator details

There is no central regulator in Kentucky, but individual government bodies which oversee charitable gaming and horse racing.


Is sports betting permitted online?

In the traditional sense no, but as a big horse racing state, people are permitted to make pari-mutuel wagers on horse racing online.


Is there any specific legislation for daily fantasy sports?

No. A bill proposing to regulate DFS narrowly failed to pass in 2017.


What legislation, if any, is currently pending?

Sports betting