EGR Power Affiliates 2020

Welcome to the 2020 edition of EGR Global’s annual Power Affiliates rankings

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The egaming affiliate space has certainly had it easier. The last 12 months probably feel like a lifetime for some of the businesses in this list.


Affiliates have had to deal with increased regulation in all key markets, including Google algorithm changes which obliterated the value of old websites and stricter than ever marketing restrictions in important territories like Italy and Spain.


The PLCs on this list have tried to cope with a tanking stock market by spending huge amounts of time reassuring hesitant investors and if all that wasn’t enough a global health pandemic has just come along to make life even harder for lead generation giants, especially those in sports betting.


Therefore, the firms on this list deserve more credit than ever.


Power Affiliates 2020 shines a light on the 25 most successful affiliate businesses in the global gambling industry, from those dominating in the Nordics to those eyeing growth across the pond in gaming-friendly US states. A handful still consider the UK as the place to be – even now.


We no longer rank affiliates by vertical, so the 25 compiled companies need to demonstrate a healthy portfolio right across casino and sports betting, remaining agile enough to tap into new trends like esports and versatile enough to switch channels to games enjoying a resurgence in a time of crisis – like poker and lottery, for example.


There are only two new entrants this year which tells you all you need to know about the increasingly challenging landscape for affiliate start-ups, although some fresh-faced firms have absolutely shot up the ranks to mix it up with the big boys at the very top end of the scale.


There are four new faces on the judging panel this year and all of them manage affiliates at massive global gambling operators, including William Hill and Betsson. Each judge was asked to pick their top 10 or 15 affiliate companies, marking every company out of five in five specific criteria, including business/commercial success, appetite for M&A and regulatory/compliance procedures. To be considered, each company had to receive at least two nominations and their total score from all judges was then added up to cement the final rankings.


Our nine judges, who also include consultants and digital marketing experts, were all selected to ensure we had a panel with an unparalleled level of insight and knowledge into the egaming affiliate market. What we are left with is what we believe is a comprehensive rundown of the biggest online gambling affiliates operating in the sector today. Let’s see if you agree. Feedback is welcome!