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Welcome to the 2021 edition of EGR Global’s annual Power Affiliates rankings

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Welcome to EGR Global’s Power Affiliates 2021 rankings.


The betting and gaming affiliate industry has endured a year like no other due in no small part to the well-documented disruption caused by Covid-19.


Sports betting affiliates struggled throughout the early part of last year as a usually bustling sporting calendar ground to a halt, with many high-revenue events cancelled including Euro 2020.


Igaming affiliates, however, enjoyed a stellar 2020 for the most part and rode the crest of a wave as digital businesses flourished with consumers stuck at home and eager for entertainment, while casino gambling proved no exception to that trend.


The other key narrative driver of the 12 month-period to December 31 2020 has been the continued astronomical growth of gambling operations in the US market. Cash has flooded the region since the repeal of PASPA in 2018 and affiliates are increasingly looking to extend and defend their slice of the pie via state-specific launches or targeted M&A.


Speaking of M&A, the largest ever gambling affiliate acquisition was sewn up after the Power Affiliates reporting period as Better Collective paid $240m for US betting site Action Network.


This kind of cash demonstrates the hockey-stick growth and correlating uplift in maturity of the gambling affiliate sector, which has also made bold strides in responsible gambling this year.


As a result, EGR felt it important to make the compiling structure for these annual rankings as impartial and transparent as possible. To that end, we have enlisted the help of accountancy and business advisory firm BDO for the very first time.


BDO has done an excellent job on our Power 50 operator rankings for several years now, and we wanted to replicate that process for the affiliate sector.


Whereas before we relied on a panel of nine independent judges to cast their votes across a series of categories, BDO has this year picked through the financials of each company, where these were available, with a fine-tooth comb.


These financial ratings were then compared against the prior year to ascertain a growth score before being combined with EGR’s judgement using prior knowledge and understanding of the online gambling affiliate space to produce the final rankings, which can be found below.


This has been an intense and complex process. As we all know, affiliates are notoriously private and the landscape is frighteningly competitive. It has therefore been difficult to collect absolutely consistent financial information from each business on the shortlist.


We appreciate that some elements of this year’s rankings may need to be tweaked ahead of next year and we consider this a work in progress of sorts. Your feedback is therefore welcome and will be extremely valuable to us moving forwards.


In conclusion, we are confident that in the long-term this move will bring a whole new level of esteem and maturity to an exciting, fast-paced and innovative sector that deserves annual recognition alongside the rest of the global online gambling industry.


EGR would like to thank bet365 for sponsoring this year’s Power Affiliates, and BDO for helping us compile the rankings. BDO is one of the world’s largest accountancy and business advisory firms and is a leading service provider to the online gaming sector.


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“Bet365 Partners is delighted to sponsor the EGR Power Affiliates list for 2021 and we look forward to continuing to develop our long standing partnerships with all that appear.”



The Power Affiliates rankings are now compiled in partnership with BDO, one of the world’s leading accountancy firms.


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