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Sweet bonanza candyland: the ultimate cross-sell as the iconic slots title comes to live casino

On 24 November, powerhouse provider Pragmatic Play will release Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, the live casino version of the iconic slots title Sweet Bonanza™, a game that has been a top performer in various regions since its launch in 2019.


EGR caught up with Yossi Barzely, chief business development officer at Pragmatic Play to discuss this eagerly anticipated title.


What does the inspiration behind this title?
Sweet Bonanza™ is one of our best performing slot titles and has quite a loyal following in different regions. We felt a live casino version, that combines elements of the ideas and mechanics that went into the original game, would create true cross-sell potential for operators as there is a very real convergence of slots and live casino that no other title out there can replicate.


We truly do strive for innovation in our games, and nothing represents that better than Sweet Bonanza CandyLand.


So how is the original Sweet Bonanza slot integrated into this Live Casino title?
We’ve remained true to the key elements of the slot title, first and foremost, the bright colours and relaxed feel of Sweet Bonanza™ are retained here, and even enhanced with our state of the art immersive audiovisual technology that combines elements of reality with a virtual candy world.


The Sweet Spins bonus game is played out on a slot machine where the value of the player’s win is determined with 10 free spins.  Free Spins games are at the centre of all slot titles, and we’ve integrated them to be a key feature of this game with the Sweet Spins bonus game. The hit rate during this Free Spins round is higher than the same round in the Sweet Bonanza™ slot, so players have plenty to look forward to in this section.


The Sugar Bomb feature on the wheel is also the same symbol that led to multipliers in the original slot title.


For previous players of Sweet Bonanza, the feel and functionality is familiar, which we hope will create cross-sell potential.


Can you speak more on this cross-sell potential?
In a very simplistic sense, operators put huge effort into cross-selling Live casino to Slots, Slots to Live Casino, Bingo to Slots etc. With this title, we actually have elements of slot play in the live casino game. As a result, the cross-sell proposition is much easier because there’s a degree of familiarity and comfort as opposed to trying the unknown.


As Sweet Bonanza is such a well-known title in various regions, the strength of its ‘brand’ so to speak will aid cross-sell propositions as those who adored the slot will want to see the new version. This was shown when we posted the Sweet Bonanza CandyLand pre-launch video on our Twitter page. Organic engagement was absolutely huge on this tweet with over 100 retweets and real excitement in the comments section! All these engagements came from players in various regions around the world who have played the title obviously with different operators. The popularity of the original title cannot be overstated, therefore even if its successor is in a different vertical, there will still be a huge desire to try it out.

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