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Casino Affiliate Site Supports Local Dog Charity To Boost Funds

A casino affiliate site in the UK has decided to throw its support behind a local dog rescue charity after hearing about the record number of dogs that have been abandoned or handed over during the current pandemic. are now sponsoring Bliss Cavalier Rescue in order to boost donations and provide as much support as possible to the local charity.


Upturn in online casino revenue


The global Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc over many industries in the last year, with the gambling industry as a whole, being greatly affected. The closure of casinos, bingo halls, cancellation of sporting events and ban on spectators has left a huge deficit for many sectors of the industry. But this has meant an increase in the number of people using online casinos and bingos. As a result, revenue in these areas has increased. is a casino affiliate site dedicated to reviewing and listing all the best online casinos and slot sites and bringing players the latest offers available. They’re continuously reviewing the latest new sites and have been established as one of the best online casino affiliate sites since it was founded in July 2008.


After recognising the upturn in the online gambling sector, they were keen to somehow ‘give back’ to those who have been negatively affected by the current pandemic. heard about a local dog charity called Bliss Cavalier Rescue, who are based in North Lincolnshire, and were keen to help boost funds.



Man’s Best Friend


The number of people buying dogs and puppies during lockdown has hit an all-time high. Demand for dogs has caused prices to sky-rocket and also encouraged unscrupulous breeders and puppy farmers to cash in; often selling sick puppies and abandoning the mums when they’re no longer able to breed anymore. Picking up the pieces are dog charities such as Bliss.


With so many people losing their jobs and struggling financially, this has also forced more people to hand over their dogs to rescue, especially those requiring extensive veterinary treatment. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in particular, are prone to severe heart and neurological conditions, and as a result, face expensive long-term treatment. Because of this, some months, Bliss Cavalier Rescue have seen vet bills reaching almost £15,000 for that month alone. With fundraising options limited and adoptions having to be put on hold or limited to specific areas, it’s been a real struggle to source funding.


Bliss is run solely on donations and every foster carer, home-checker, fundraiser, administrator and dog transporters are all volunteers. Every penny goes towards the care of the dogs.




Bliss Cavalier Rescue have had to ramp up online fundraising, with games, £1 Friday donations and online auctions. have vowed to offer support and assist in their fundraising efforts, donating several big-ticket items for their online auctions and placing a link on their site allowing potential online casino players to be able to donate directly to the charity.


Bliss Cavalier Rescue founder Becky said:


“We are so grateful for the support we have received from Best Offers Casino. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the rescue many problems and has really impacted our potential to fundraise. We have many elderly, neglected and poorly dogs in rescue due to owners’ finances being impacted that it really has been hard-going. We have also had dogs surrendered from homes where the owners have very sadly passed away due to the virus.


‘Bliss Cavalier Rescue ensure every dog gets gold standard veterinary care and rescue back up for the rest of their lives. To continue the work we do we rely on the generosity of the public and companies that are in a position to help us”.


Support from casino industry


With the gambling industry coming under so much scrutiny over the last few years, it’s easy to overlook how it has, and continues to contribute to various sectors. At a local level, the support offered to smaller charities can be invaluable, especially at a time when fund-raising options are so limited. With a small proportion of the gaming industry seeing an upturn in revenue, it’s nice to see the support offered to charities who are struggling the most in these current times.


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