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Promoted feature: What sets Fonbet apart from the rest

Alexey Khobot, the developer of Fonbet's first software, gives his perspective on how the company stands out compared to its competitors and why clients should choose betting with Fonbet

Fonbet was founded in 1994. Back then, it only had a single competitor — Favorit (in no way connected to today’s Ukrainian company of the same name). Nowadays, the Russian betting industry has more than a dozen different betting companies. According to Alexey Khobot, in order to survive in this dense market, it is essential to stay competitive and show continuous growth and improvement in order to foresee clients’ needs.

As Alexey Khobot says, the company’s performance cannot be judged by separate factors. Instead, it should be assessed by the whole spectrum of services and features it provides. Compared to other betting companies, Fonbet has higher odds for individual events, a better support team, and on certain days Fonbet offers a wider selection of odds for live events. As stated by Alexey Khobot, if we consider the services and factors that make Fonbet stand out as a whole, then the average grading for Fonbet features will be higher than the grading of the same features of other betting companies.

The best analogy here is with a sports team. What’s important is the sum of all the major components. While some companies rely on a single distinctive feature, Fonbet has a whole team of stars playing each position. Alexey Khobot insists that a company should be known for providing the best service.

According to Alexey Khobot, customers are less interested in how a company operates rather than in the breadth of its events selection, fast bet settlement, instant withdrawal of payouts, good support team, and a reliable website and mobile app.

Fonbet betting company was one of the first companies to start accepting bets in Russia, including online. Since then, Fonbet has been the industry’s flagship in the CIS and Eastern Europe alongside global competitors.

Fonbet was founded by Anatoliy Matchulskiy in 1994. Fonbet is a sponsor of the Russia national football team, Continental Hockey League and VTB United League. It also has partnership agreements with the Avangard and Spartak hockey clubs. Fonbet was a sponsor for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Ice Hockey World Championships, and will sponsor the upcoming 2021 tournament as well. In 2020, Fonbet was the title partner of the Ice Hockey Star Week and the Russian Interactive Basketball Championships.

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