Promoted feature: Traffic Lab – the story behind our creative laboratory

Elina Paija, content manager for Traffic Lab, outlines the firm’s innovative mentality and how the inherent experimental spirit remains at the very core of what Traffic Lab is about

We are today competing with big stock-listed companies, I mean, there are big fish out there. It used to be the big fish that eat the small fish, but I think it will be the fast fish that eat the slow fish – Sebastian Agerskov, CEO and founder

Traffic Lab was founded in the basement of an average Copenhagen home by two young chaps in their early twenties. A real tech start-up cliché — and hilarious because it’s true. Having met each other in the lead generation business in Finland, Sebastian Agerskov and his former business partner decided to put their visionary minds together and as a result their brainchild — Traffic Lab — was established in 2014.

Fast forward to the present — October 2020. Traffic Lab now consists of around 60 digital experts from diverse fields representing 16 different nationalities. We cooperate with hundreds of the leading igaming operators globally, and the amount of partnerships and brands we represent is rapidly growing. We have scaled from the original target market of Finland, spread to the Nordics, across Europe, and we recently set foot in the Americas as part of our global expansion. Our diverse array of products currently support 15-plus languages and we expect this number to increase before we reach the end of 2020.

Our current product catalogue

Traffic Lab operations

Kasinohai; 2015

CasinoBernie; 2017

Uusimmat Kasinot;  relaunched in 2019

Casinokokemus; relaunched in 2019

Casino Vibez; 2019

Bogdan;  2019;

Coming soon: Australia

The above numbers speak for themselves; we have experienced consistent growth in all areas over the six years that Traffic Lab has been in operation. Our focus has never been on scaling and expanding simply for the sake of growth itself. Instead, we work towards realising our vision of establishing Traffic Lab as the front runner of the industry – the fast fish swimming ahead of the shoal.  Beyond the numbers and statistics, the leads and conversions, for us the main takeaway is that we have managed to put Traffic Lab on the map as a highly relevant affiliate within the igaming industry.

What’s bubbling in the lab?

Traffic Lab has without a doubt outgrown its start-up identity; however, the inherent experimental spirit remains at the very core of what Traffic Lab is about, and captures the creative ‘lab mentality’ — the main legacy from the early days of the company. From the vivid company culture to its flat structures, and from lean procedures to values, the whole company is built in a way that ignites innovation. As a result, the lab is constantly bubbling with cross-department projects where ideas are generated and prototypes developed into testable concepts that we eventually add to our product portfolio.

Traffic Lab creative lab mentality

Titan represents the new generation gaming platforms. A combination of cutting-edge technology powered by our own algorithm and flawless, user-driven design will generate value for both players and operators through its customisable, one-stop charasteristics and incredible user experience that caters to players from newbies to high rollers, and to the tech-savvy millennial generation.

The ongoing project Titan is one of our most prominent products currently in the build-up. This solution is designed to deliver a truly personalised casino experience via a tailored platform, where players can log in with their own user and create their own unique avatar. All functions are compressed in one single beautifully integrated solution that makes the whole gaming experience effortless, starting from finding the preferred casinos, comparing the bonuses and deals, to the registration and depositing process, towards playing the game and, finally, the withdrawal of winnings.

Project Titan is our vision of what we believe that the players need; Connectivity, simplicity and FUN all in one product. This is the future!  – Peter Gunni, CMO

Traffic Lab Project Titan

Creating synergies for shared success

Unity equals strength – as a digital marketing powerhouse operating in the affiliate business, we know this to be true. Creating genuine connections is the lifeblood of our company. While having best-of-breed technology is of great importance, without trusted partners, it’s simply not enough.

An inability to attain a level of unity is far from uncommon but it can undermine the shared goals and ambitions we are trying to accomplish together with our partners. To avoid this, we strive to operate with open dialogue and transparency in everything we do, which allows synergistic relationships to develop, both internally and with our partners. Achieving synergies allows for various benefits for all parties involved from increased revenues and reduced costs, to combined industry intel.

Companies that establish themselves as trusted sources of values are the last ones standing. By truly understanding that we are in this together – that the success of our partners is ours and vice versa – is the key to long-term success.

Future visions – fast fish of igaming

After seeing what Traffic Lab has become in the last six years, I for sure look forward to the future with excitement to what more we will achieve” – Sebastian Agerskov, CEO and founder

Our vision is crystal clear: we strive to leave our distinct mark on the igaming industry by providing state-of-the-art products to the leading igaming operators globally. All the while, we aim to make gaming more entertaining, safe and transparent for the players.

We could well shift our focus to any other industry but operating in igaming – an industry just as dynamic as we are – has a particular appeal. There will never be a ‘mission accomplished’ in this business – and this is the beauty of it.

Project Titan is an apt example of this as the amount of value adding features that can be invented and integrated into the platform are endless. We are gradually building an entire Titan Universe, a truly disruptive innovation for igaming that has the potential to become a new baseline for the industry.

Traffic Lab

The post-digital environment is turbulent, and this is particularly true in the industry we work in.  We trust that our fluid organisation with its lean processes differentiates us and gives us a distinctive edge when we are competing with the heavyweights, the ‘big fish’ of the igaming industry. Therefore, our main goal is simply to remain as agile as we are today – ready to shift and change. We are totally prepared to do a 180-degree turn if needed – after all, it is only the dead fish that swim with the stream.

Elina Paija, Traffic Lab

Elina Paija is a content manager and part of Traffic Lab’s sites department. Paija holds a Master of Science Degree in Management and works in close cooperation with Traffic Lab’s SEO team to ensure that the portfolio of Traffic Lab websites are flourishing.

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