Promoted feature: The new chief operating officer has arrived

Matching Visions outlines its company ethos and shares news of its newly appointed chief operating officer

Matching Visions is a leading online affiliate network in the egaming space, housing over 3,000 affiliates and hundreds of casino brands to ensure both publishers and advertisers get the best of both worlds. Matching Visions has been at the forefront of the gaming industry for more than a decade and knows what affiliates want. Instead of having hundreds of contacts and chasing countless others, we do it all for you with one point of contact and one speedy payment every month.

Connection is everything at Matching Visions, and that’s why we tailor a unique service to each and every affiliate we work with. With exclusive campaigns, competitions and specialised deals, there’s no reason to go anywhere else. We have been around the block and know what works and can guide you to the very best brands and campaigns on the market.

What it means to be an affiliate at Matching Visions

Matching Visions offers publishers access to the best rev-share, CPA and hybrid deals on the market. Not only that, but we also offer affiliates special monthly bonuses and promotions that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re an affiliate or publisher, you get many benefits:

  • One account with all brands in one place
  • One appointed manager to assist you, every step of the way
  • One on-time payment instead of chasing many brands
  • Hundreds of casinos in various locations across the globe
  • Exclusive deals, promotions, bonuses, races and so much more!

One of the unique features that helps Matching Visions stand out is our monthly competitions and promotions. This helps affiliates, both large and small, to enjoy extra bonuses and prizes ranging from cash to iPhones and much more. Each month is different and caters for a wide selection of affiliates to ensure everyone gets the chance to enjoy something.

At Matching Visions, we have seen trends come and go but our focus is always on making sure that no matter what, traffic and campaigns remain the same and that we make sure everything that comes and goes through our doors is something we strongly believe in.

Matching Visions has a strong team with a variety of roles including affiliate managers, directors, a dedicated finance team, top developers, as well as a meticulous compliance department. All relationships created at Matching Visions are aimed at the long term. We believe that if the client is happy and succeeding, then we are too.

Being an operator with Matching Visions

As an operator with Matching Visions, you get access to a wide range of benefits:

  • A dedicated team at Matching Visions to achieve all of your goals
  • A wide variety of affiliates in many different locations with top quality traffic
  • A variety of traffic types including SEO, PPC, email, mobile marketing, and more
  • Hassle-free management of your brands and deals.

Becoming compliant

Being compliant is extremely important. After the 2019 Swedish regulations, we realised the importance of compliance and the need to get affiliates fully compliant as soon as possible. At Matching Visions, we welcome all regulations in the market as it gives them a chance to shape and assist their affiliates in being the most compliant they can be.

We have an internal compliance department that meticulously checks on all compliance regulations to ensure their affiliates are fully compliant. Further to this, we also have an internal KYC process to ensure all affiliates are compliant and streamline processes to be quick but thorough when it comes to all things related to compliance.

Growing markets in 2020 and 2021

The thing we have learnt to appreciate most is the trust and unity we have achieved within the organisation. Since the day Matching Visions opened its doors, we have experienced steady growth in all areas. The nature of the business is to acquire as much traffic as possible at the best price possible and selling it at a reasonable profit.

Staying ahead of the curve, anticipating future needs or requirements for certain markets and adapting early is key. Achieving this is no easy task and it all starts with careful planning, taking a few risks and most importantly a solid team.

Having done this well so far has given us a great reputation with affiliates, which as a result has attracted more and more affiliates to join the network and has in turn increased traffic. Having more traffic allows us to bring more operators and their brands onboard, however, we need to know what our affiliates want in a brand before adding it to the network and deliver it before our competition.

The new chief operating officer

Leanne Muleba has been announced as the new chief operating officer at Matching Visions.

Leanne Muleba, Matching Visions

Leanne Muleba, Matching Visions

“Having worked for Matching Visions for almost five years, we have been thrilled to see her grow and flourish to be the best employee we could ask for. She is a critical part of our team and couldn’t ask for better,” Dennis Dyhr-Hansen, CEO at Matching Visions, said of the appointment.

The future is bright

This month Matching Visions signed a letter of intent regarding a sale/merger with Acroud AB. However, it is reassuring its clients that all current and future deals remain the same, all payments and earnings are unaffected, and account managers and contacts remain the same.

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