Promoted feature: on why SOFTSWISS is the perfect partner

Operator partner reveals the benefits of SOFTSWISS’ Game Aggregator Platform and support in its business development goals

Crypto-first operator has championed its partner SOFTSWISS for the success of its Game Aggregator Platform in developing the firm’s presence in several new markets.

Co-founder Eddie Miroslav has detailed how the provider was the “obvious choice” for and how he envisions a successful and fruitful future using SOFTSWISS’ technology.

Miroslav said: “Stake is extremely proud to be partnered with SOFTSWISS. SOFTSWISS is professional in every manner of business and has offered to go above and beyond when it comes to the success of the brand.

“SOFTSWISS is not just a product integration, but a partner to us. We highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to add third-party provider slots and live dealer games to their gambling venture. The economics of aggregating all providers together versus direct integrations makes a lot of sense and the process is seamless,” he added.

Below, Miroslav dives into why partnering with SOFTSWISS has proved so successful and why is a highly valued client of SOFTSWISS.

EGR Intel: Why did you choose to partner with SOFTSWISS?

Eddie Miroslav (EM): SOFTSWISS offers all major providers, support for cryptocurrency denominations and boasts a great reputation among the community. SOFTSWISS was an obvious choice for us.

EGR Intel: What sets the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator apart from other solutions in your experience?

EM: SOFTSWISS offers great client support and an easy-to-implement API. It was very straightforward to implement and required very little maintenance. Downtime is almost non-existent, and when there is it’s always notified well in advance.

EGR Intel: What levels of growth have you recorded since partnering with SOFTSWISS?

EM: Stake has successfully gained traction in numerous markets since the implementation of SOFTSWISS’s Game Aggregator service. We hope to expand into many more. There are a lot of possibilities in this industry and to continue growing at the pace we want, SOFTSWISS bridges many gaps through the extensive variety of services they offer.

EGR Intel: Is there anything, from a crypto perspective, that SOFTSWISS can do to support you in your development roadmap?

EM: We are hopeful to receive better back-office support to adjust game settings and betting limits. Betting limits especially is something we are queried about frequently from our players, so to be able to adjust these a lot easier than the current process would be fantastic.

EGR Intel: What do you hope the future holds in your partnership with SOFTSWISS?

EM: We hope to continue to use SOFTSWISS for all game aggregation needs. Throughout partnership with SOFTSWISS, we have been able to meet industry needs and sustain growth. This is something we’re hoping to continue achieving alongside the help of SOFTSWISS’ vast offerings.

Eddie Miroslav has been involved in the gaming industry since 2013 and cryptocurrency since 2012. His first project was which is currently the longest running and oldest bitcoin gambling website. He started casino in 2017 and sports in 2019.

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