Promoted feature: SOFTSWISS’ Game Aggregator success

Head of Game Aggregator Tatyana Kaminskaya discusses SOFTSWISS’ award-winning Game Aggregator and why the gaming provider’s customer service is a key differential

SOFTWISS’ Game Aggregator is an igaming content hub offering its clients more than 13,000 games from 175+ providers. Single API integration provides access to the up-to-date game library complete with various player retention and acquisition tools as well as a dedicated back office and stable access to games. SOFTSWISS has enjoyed a particularly successful year, being crowned best aggregator platform at the EGR B2B Awards 2022 and recently coming out top among its competitors in a customer service satisfaction survey conducted by Kantar Ukraine. Here, SOFTSWISS’ Tatyana Kaminskaya shares insight about the gaming software provider’s value-adding offering and high level of client service.

EGR Intel: SOFTSWISS’ Game Aggregator recently won best aggregator platform at the 2022 EGR B2B Awards. As the winner of this category and industry leader, what are the most important criteria of a successful game aggregator and how does it meet clients’ needs? 

Tatyana Kaminskaya (TK): To put it simply, a successful game aggregator cannot just be a hub that connects operators and game studios, it needs to add value on top of its basic offer. It starts simply, with you signing the contract and being easy to reach and integrate with. At this initial point, it’s important to show your expertise in the industry and the benefits of the product because that is what will attract clients to you.

Following on, you must have a stable connection and after that a variety of games. At this stage, both you and the client are working towards the same goal and therefore a strong professional team is created, working collaboratively and with the proper strategy for the product. Then, it’s all about your support and service: excellent communication with your clients is key, as are understandable guides, ongoing support from account managers as well as the ability to anticipate and predict clients’ wants and needs, which will all reap rewards and strengthen your product for the client. Eventually, you want to offer clients features and tools to make their lives easier and bring new growth opportunities and, ultimately, take them into new markets. It’s very much like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: you take care of primarily important requirements and move on to higher demands, but never neglect the basic level needs.

We aim to convey to industry players that the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, with its advantages and excellent service, will take their businesses to the next level.

EGR Intel: What does the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator offer over competitors? What non-standard ways of developing products like game aggregators do you see in igaming?

TK: Our focus is our client service. We offer 24/7 support and, even more importantly, our managers are always there for clients. I am happy to say that these efforts are recognised and appreciated. We are always listening and coming up with improvement ideas; we see our clients’ success as our success.

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is trying to stay as flexible as possible, although it is a challenge with our growth and multiplying restrictions. We know the frustration of having to deal with big, regulated companies and try to avoid becoming another bad example. I would say that working with crypto operators keeps us on our toes, but in a good way. They are bringing innovative ideas together with new challenges that we see as growth opportunities.

It is also important to extend the functionality of the product on a regular basis: develop new tools and find milestones for existing ones. It is possible to improve a product at any time, bearing in mind the speed at which industry trends evolve. Therefore, keeping track of trends, and creating new ones, is essential if you want to make your product a leader and keep it on the market.

EGR Intel: In May, SOFTSWISS revealed the results of its Game Aggregator client satisfaction survey which highlighted your high level of service support. Sometimes the level of service falls in the pursuit of technical innovation so how does SOFTSWISS address this balance?

TK: I guess it implies we have left behind our technical innovation. Ha! Of course, we haven’t.

Honestly, I don’t see how technical innovation can damage service. It means less manual work if you offer a stable solution, tools and data sources that allow clients to be more independent and self-reliant. At this point you have more resources for proactive interaction, which cannot be overrated.

During my experience at SOFTSWISS working on one product – the Game Aggregator – I have been able to learn about the product, the market and competitors as well as clients’ needs and pains. It helps to build the right work strategy and consequently motivate a large and talented team to work to deliver outstanding results for the client and the company. Our team provides full support to clients, and that combined with an understanding of their needs results in us achieving excellence in both service and technical innovation.

EGR Intel: What extra features does the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator currently have and what can we expect to see added in the future?

TK: We currently offer a back office for our clients and we are constantly working on improving it. But we have bigger plans, of course, as we want our product to be a comprehensive solution that enriches casino platform possibilities.

We have finished the integration with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook to expand the opportunities for our clients. The novelty allows our partners to boost their igaming brand much more easily. So now, when they connect the Game Aggregator, they automatically gain access to the sports betting platform. Today, it’s not enough to just have a gaming content hub for online casinos as sports betting is growing in popularity. And that’s why we are pleased to offer our clients an option with integration.

The next step is developing player engagement tools. We are about to release a tournament solution that we know from speaking to our clients is very much anticipated. A reliable and simple tool, it allows casino operators to create promo campaigns with any games they want and customise the rules and promo design to their liking. The idea is not new but we hope that the implementation and support will make it stand out.

We will be focusing on gamification tools to help our clients make the player experience more interactive and engaging.

EGR Intel: What markets is the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator currently targeting? Do you have plans to enter new regions?

TK: SOFTSWISS is growing and expanding its geographical horizons as a whole and the Game Aggregator is tuning in to the company’s growth. Our team does a colossal amount of analytical work, which enables us to identify the most successful regions for new market expansion as well as strengthen our position where we are already established as market leaders.

We feel quite confident in the CIS and EU markets and are now expanding into Latam and Asia. To be clear, we have quite a lot of traffic from these regions already but now we have local representatives to establish proper contact with new operators. Therefore, I expect our market share to grow gradually.

EGR Intel: What do you expect from the product over the course of the next 12 months?

TK: I expect it to keep its growth pace and become more mature. We will get more licences and certifications to extend our offer as well as more tools to serve our clients’ needs. We will also have a better local representation for our target markets. I have high hopes that the SOFTSWISS brand will soon be recognised outside of the English and Russian-speaking grid.

SOFTSWISS is an international igaming company which supplies certified software solutions to managing gambling operations. Its team has over 1,300 employees and is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia and Belarus.  SOFTSWISS hold a number of gaming licences and provide one-stop-shop igaming software solutions, with a vast product portfolio including the Online Casino Platform, Game Aggregator, Affilka affiliate platform, Sportsbook Platform and the most recently launched Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution.

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