Promoted feature: Soft2Bet on how to keep players playing

Boris Chaikin of Soft2Bet discusses the importance of differentiating to engage customers and gives thought to the rising importance of gamification

EGR Intel (EGR): Soft2Bet recently introduced a new quick deposit tool with Wazamba. Can you tell us more about it?

Boris Chaikin (BC): It’s a brand-new feature that allows registered customers of Wazamba to make an instant deposit with a single click while they are still in-play. We wanted to remove any unnecessary disruption to the game flow so that the player experience was seamless from start to finish. Previously, customers would have to minimise the game window to reload funds via the checkout. But now with the quick deposit tool, they can continue playing comfortably as the game progresses. The same payment methods offered through the standard cashier are available too, and the function can be used by players on both mobile and desktop devices. We expect this feature will transform the user experience and will soon be available across our brand portfolio.

EGR: The emergence of new tools is increasingly influencing the online casino and sportsbook offering. How have these developments shaped Soft2Bet’s own brands and where do you see the most opportunity?

BC: The element of surprise should not be underestimated in customer engagement. With that in mind, we are always looking to offer our clients something that they didn’t expect. So, when the team started experimenting with gamification tools and we saw a subsequent spike in player volumes, we knew we were on to a winner. Brands such as Nomini, Wazamba and our recently launched sportsbook Rabona, all of which offer a bespoke range of gamification features from tournaments to card collections, have experienced a huge wave in customers who have been attracted to the additional functionalities. We believe that the igaming audience has grown tired of the status quo of casual brands offering little differentiation. Soft2Bet, meanwhile, is focused on delivering new and unique functionality, with additional entertainment features that elevate the traditional casino and sportsbook experiences.

EGR: Soft2Bet has introduced gamification features across its consumer-facing portfolio. What has been the impact on engagement?

BC: Our features are designed to capture the player’s interest from the moment they register and throughout the entire gaming session. Because of this, we’ve seen a big increase in the conversion rates from registration to deposit and in the amount of time players spend on our site or in our app. With our jungle-themed online casino brand Wazamba, for example, players can select one of three totem-like characters and upgrade them later on as they progress through our games. This engages customers with the immersive casino world and encourages them to try and level up the characters. User lifetime cycles have increased as a result, proving that the added competitive edge, combined with a unique brand position is a recipe for successful retention. Ultimately, the most important thing for us is the client’s feedback, and the reception to our gamification-led brands speaks for itself.

Gamified content has also opened new avenues for customer communication. We send a promotional newsletter informing our players not only about the big wins and bonuses paid out, but also sharing news on the achievements and tournaments available through the brand.  As an industry, we are only just scratching the surface of what is possible through gamification.

EGR: How do gamification tools differ between sportsbook and casino? Is there a different science behind developing features that appeal to customers of Wazamba or Nomini casinos and Rabona?

BC: The gamification tools for sportsbook and casino are absolutely different. After the success of our online casinos Nomini and Wazamba, we worked tirelessly to ensure that the gamification features for Rabona, our newest sportsbook brand, continued the trend. With the casino brands, we implemented a loyalty shop and achievements, as well as heroes and masks (avatars) collection, which are oriented to slot games and casino bonus reward structures.

But for Rabona, our features are inspired by the sports themselves, with card collections and cups that offer rewards and achievements based on the bets placed. Naturally, casino and sportsbook customers differ in terms of preferences and play styles – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to both product lines. Gamification features therefore, have to be designed in a way that taps into the nuances of each segment.

Although it was important for us to offer something completely unique with Rabona, we are always cognisant of the need to ensure that new designs and concepts are as user friendly as possible. Communication throughout our teams was critical in building the product to ensure the brand resonated with the intended audience, while surprising them with innovative new functionalities.

EGR: Looking ahead, how do you see gamification tools developing over the next few years? What’s in store at Soft2Bet?

BC: Gamification tools are only going to gain momentum as their popularity and application grows. It will become increasingly difficult as an operator to stay competitive if you are not looking at new ways to engage customers, since brand loyalty is much harder to gain in today’s ever-evolving landscape. At Soft2Bet, we are constantly looking for new, innovative features that will elevate the user experience across our portfolio, with customer feedback always front of mind. I wouldn’t want to give too much away at this stage, but there are more exciting things yet to come from our brands.

Boris Chaikin, Soft2Bet

With a passion for creating new products and 19 years working in the igaming industry, Soft2Bet’s CEO, Boris Chaikin, has a wealth of experience in building and managing teams in areas such as marketing, customer support, CRM and general operations. Chaikin has previously held the roles of marketing director and general manager at the B2B sportsbook and platform provider OffsideGaming for over five years out of his 10 years with the company.

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