Promoted feature: How do jackpot campaigns influence the growth of igaming projects?

SOFTSWISS shares insights gleaned from its recently launched Jackpot Aggregator, the latest innovative addition to the igaming software provider’s product portfolio

In October 2021, SOFTSWISS, the award-winning software provider for igaming, launched its Jackpot Aggregator, a multipurpose business tool to assist player acquisition, engagement and retention for operators. The solution aims to build on how jackpots can be used by different market players in different scenarios within the igaming sector.

What makes a successful jackpot campaign?

Jackpots are a powerful marketing tool. They can strengthen brand competitiveness, attract new players and retain existing ones, grow their lifetime value (LTV) and bet amount and, as a result, increase operator revenue. The jackpot software module enables bespoke or branded jackpot campaigns, helping operators to increase the value proposition of their igaming brand.

Supplier of casino and betting products N1 Partners Group, the Jackpot Aggregator’s very first client, joined the jackpot solution in October 2021. In response to the positive results of testing the novel jackpot management platform, the brand began to introduce the Jackpot Aggregator to its casinos. In late November 2021, the supplier unveiled a global cross-brand jackpot campaign that connected three brands in their casino category – Joo Casino, Fight Club Casino and Casino at N1 Bet. There were three jackpot tiers (with a progressive jackpot pool in each tier) as part of the campaign.

Player response

According to the data gathered by SOFTSWISS, the number of players participating in N1’s jackpot campaigns consistently grew throughout the analysed period, indicating that jackpots are equally engaging for both loyal players and casino newcomers. Half of the users who made at least one jackpot bet were casino players registered for a month or more, while the other half was an entirely new audience.

The data also showed that half of the players taking part in the jackpot campaigns made jackpot bets only, which demonstrates a conscious interest in this kind of promotional activity. Players appreciate the advantages of jackpots, often giving preference to those games that are included in the jackpot campaigns.

The exact figures reveal that 47.5% of players play exclusively with jackpot games. At the same time, the share of players who regularly bet on jackpot games exceeds the share of non-jackpot players: 82.3% versus 17.7%, respectively.

Aliaksei Douhin, head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, said on the results: “An unchanging task for each operator is to find effective tools to acquire and retain players. The statistics confirm that the Jackpot Aggregator is a universal solution that facilitates the growth of loyalty from both a new and already loyal audience. According to a brand’s needs at a given moment, the launch of the jackpot campaign helps to focus on a specific category of players, giving unlimited opportunities to affect the user activity and achieve significant results.”

Campaign results: bet sum growth

Another of the key metrics analysed by the SOFTSWISS team for a better understanding of the solution’s influence on the user activity is the difference in an individual player’s performance before and after participating in the jackpot campaigns.

The results were impressive, with almost 50% of players increasing their average bet sum after joining the jackpot campaign. Almost half of those users demonstrate 75% growth of the average wager sum.

Another indicator of player activity – the average daily number of bets – also surged after brands started their first jackpot campaign. Up to 70% of players increased their number of bets per day, some of them by several times.

“Jackpot campaign operation is a multi-step process, allowing the client to consider more and more new insights about players with every new campaign. The combination of the Jackpot Aggregator team’s expertise and the operator’s experience is a crucial thing for creating unique campaigns which help to manage key brand indicators and, accordingly, affect growth,” highlighted Douhin.

Yaroslav Laptev, chief product officer of N1 Partners Group, added: “We are always looking for new user acquisition mechanics that would show long-term and stable results. We experimented with various promo campaigns to meet the interests of our audience. Our experience of launching jackpot campaigns has shown an increase in the activity of players, as well as an increase in the gaming session duration. These indicators give us an understanding that the product is in demand with a wide audience. Accordingly, we will continue to develop it so that it becomes even more attractive to the target audience because at the moment it is an exclusive promo in the industry.”

Takeaway insights

The indicators revealed in the analysis show the Jackpot Aggregator to be an effective and flexible tool that allows operators to explore their audience and select the best strategy for them.

Key proven points proven include:

  • Jackpots play a significant role in reactivating players and retaining players
  • Almost 75% of bettors enhanced their average number of bets per day
  • About a half of players increased their average bet sum
  • The jackpot campaign settings can be used to drive growth of key financial indicators of player activity such as bet count and average bet
  • A combination of proper promotion and marketing communications help the operator to shape the expected jackpot gaming behaviour

What’s next?

The Jackpot Aggregator is now strengthening its position in the market by launching the first global jackpot across Malta Gaming Authority-licensed brands and expanding the portfolio with Curaçao-licensed brands. The recent integration with Neospin casino took less than a month. Other Jackpot Aggregator clients include Playamo, Abocasino and Oshi Casino.

The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator team is working on expanding our list of partners. The plan is that alongside casino operators, reputable game providers, game aggregators and casino platforms will join the virtual jackpot system soon.

Moreover, SOFTSWISS is going to introduce the integration between the Sportsbook, the Game Aggregator and the Jackpot Aggregator, which allows easy connection to all products simultaneously and the ability to use them as parts of the complete igaming system. Therefore, first jackpot campaigns will be launched for online sports betting brands and the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator clients.

Operators will have a chance to learn more about each product at the upcoming SiGMA Europe exhibition which will be held in Malta in November.

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SOFTSWISS is an international igaming company which supplies certified software solutions to managing gambling operations. Its team has over 1,500 employees and is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia and Belarus.  SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licences and provides a one-stop shop igaming software solutions, with a vast product portfolio including the Online Casino Platform, the Game Aggregator, the Affilka affiliate platform, the Sportsbook Platform and the most recently launched Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution.

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