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Promoted feature: AstroPay strengthens business with two new programmes

Leonardo Alonso, head of affiliates at AstroPay, tells EGR Intel about the payment solution provider’s recently launched programmes and why they’re fuelling further growth for the business

EGR Intel: Can you tell us about your role as head of affiliates at AstroPay? What has been your main mission?

Leonardo Alonso (LA): Working at AstroPay is exciting every day. We don’t have boring days. We are a F1 team in which everyone needs to get their hands on the engine and oil in their face. We are very creative, always looking to develop new features for our users and partners as they are at the core of everything we do.

My main mission in the company is to manage a team of independent and high-performance professionals that are keen to take their careers to the next level and support the business to expand its traffic via our affiliates network.

EGR Intel: How has AstroPay grown since you started and how does your work contribute to the growth of the business?

LA: The company has seen triple-digit growth since I have started and keeps delivering on the same trajectory. We have a very powerful team. Everyone is keen to take the company to the next level and work on improving our collaborators’ experience and opportunities. We don’t take anything for granted, and we work on a collaborative basis with them. Our company culture is growth-oriented and that is why we specially select our partners. It’s an ongoing process.

EGR Intel: What are the biggest challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

 LA: In a company that is experiencing exponential growth, maintaining that path and finding new ways of fuelling that growth requires innovative and creative thinking. Our affiliate programme is a perfect example of that.

As the team grows, we need to make sure that everybody is working independently and with ownership of their tasks but still interact and remain collaborative with the rest of the team.

EGR Intel: AstroPay launched its flagship global affiliate programme in August. How will this strengthen relationships with your affiliate partners and the traffic they generate for you? 

LA: Having an affiliate programme is a must have. Building a programme from scratch is a day-to-day challenge where you need to find the right partners that share the same culture and vision of the business. Our intention is to be seen as a trusted partner for all affiliates in the industry, who can utilise our programme as an additional source of revenue combined with other programmes they are currently working with.

Finally, our global presence is a powerful tool to create solid and long-lasting relationships.

 EGR Intel: How does AstroPay provide its affiliates with an efficient service and support? 

LA: Having dedicated account managers is our key differential, covering all time zones and languages globally. In addition, having a team that goes the extra mile and is user-centric is a plus when providing a payments solution. Our working attitude is part of our DNA.

EGR Intel: In what ways will the programme give added value to partners and help their businesses grow? What marketing tools do you offer? 

LA: Affiliates already working with operators can use our programme to increase their sources of revenue. It’s killing two birds with one stone. We offer tracking links, promo codes and we are also very flexible and open to listening to our collaborators and exploring their own ideas.

EGR Intel: How do your affiliate partners help push AstroPay’s brand awareness? 

LA: Affiliates can help us spread our product to the millions of users that still don’t know AstroPay as a go-to solution for their financial needs. Our main advantage is that we are a digital wallet that is free to use, which increases adoption. We offer our users the possibility to get a Visa or Mastercard debit card, tailor-made promotions, VIP account managers and special experiences that increase engagement.

EGR Intel: How has the response been so far?

LA: We have had very good results so far. We are receiving thousands of new user signups daily and 2023 looks like a promising year ahead.

EGR Intel: AstroPay also recently launched a new VIP programme to reward loyal customers. What does this offer customers?

LA: Our new VIP programme entails several benefits for our most valuable users such as a dedicated team of account managers, special promotions, upgrades on purchase and deposit limits as well as exclusive AstroPay experiences.

EGR Intel: It sounds as if AstroPay is very focused on developing good relationships with its customers and affiliate partners. What will this mean for the business going forward?

LA: Our clients and partners are at the core of our business and that’s why we devote our resources to building solid growing relationships with them.

EGR Intel: What can we expect to see from AstroPay in 2023?

LA: We will keep strengthening our business to make AstroPay the go-to-solution for users’ financial needs in 2023.

Leonardo Alonso is head of affiliates at AstroPay, leading the team that handles the relationship with the offline and online affiliate network globally. He joined AstroPay in March 2020 as account manager and since then has been dedicated to expanding AstroPay’s business across the world. Alonso holds a degree in Law and an MBA from Universidad de Montevideo.

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