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Christian Karlsson of Regily shares how they solve registration flow issues with advanced technology and explains the virtues of having a registration framework in place

In an industry as fast and challenging as igaming and sports betting, opting for a registration framework is a no-brainer to keep ahead of your competition.

It is no secret that creating a high-converting registration flow is critical for growing revenue. Most operators fail to realise the sheer volume of resources which are needed to run a successful onboarding process.

The performance on a sign-up flow is fuelled by complete and accurate data, the kind that goes beyond surface-level demographics to deliver true insights. The biggest risk we see is that operators don’t have the right expertise with registration tools, especially if they lack the data foundation or internal resources to fully leverage the solution.

For a successful and continuously improved user experience, operators require advanced technologies, a large number of resources, regular maintenance, optimised modules to increase engagement, third party add-on integrations for a smooth onboarding process, and a multitude of tests to get it right.

Choosing a reliable solution for your registration ensures there are always experienced people with the right knowledge and support driving the core product along with your project. It also gives operators an opportunity to work with experts with extensive knowledge in the registration process.

This means operators can utilise internal resources more efficiently and effectively. It gives them more opportunity to stay focused on their core business processes and priorities to drive their business forward.

Grow results while keeping up with compliance

Tighter regulations with a more localised focus have impacted the compliance landscape for online operators. Meeting compliance obligations requires tighter management and a constantly evolving, multi-jurisdictional onboarding process.

Using a framework when operating across multiple jurisdictions makes it easier to act fast on new regulations. By minimising the time needed to adjust, less revenue is missed and business operations remain safe.

Finding the right vendors is time-consuming, and so is integrating different vendors for your business needs. This is without even mentioning the multiple contract negotiations an operator has to go through. With a range of add-ons readily integrated within the framework to suit your business needs, the solution takes all the integration complexities away from the operator.

Here are a few tools that can help smoothen the onboarding process while keeping operators compliant:

  • Data validation tools such as email, phone, address, and bank details verification on a sign-up flow remove bounces right away, all while the user is still typing. These tools help with confirming ownership, reducing fraudulent accounts, and speeding up the account onboarding process.
  • Fraud prevention tools such as Iovation, PEP, GAMSTOP, and KYC.
  • Global data breaches have led to an uptick in identity theft, account takeovers and operators now need a more reliable way to confirm that someone is who they say they are. The ability to do this quickly and without any road bumps is especially important for onboarding success.
  • ID and age verification tools to eliminate underage gambling by verifying the age from the onboarding process. Ensure geographic jurisdiction and age verification rules requirements are met while delivering a low friction onboarding process.

Convert players

Lack of the right resources is a common scenario for operators that are still starting up and catching up with the rapid pace of change within this industry. On one hand, many operators don’t have a data-driven UX to identify the various stages of their player’s journey on the onboarding flow for conversion optimisation. This makes it challenging to obtain measurable metrics at each stage.

On the other hand, to convert players, operators must have a dedicated team to analyse, and test. These experimentations give a clear picture of how players are interacting with the flow, if there are any features and functionalities that are causing drop-offs along the way, and what needs improvement. These findings are the best way to mitigate risk in decision-making and in decreasing drop-off rates.

Registrations should be contextual. The key to a successful conversion is a contextual sign-up. What happens before the actual registrations and how the players got there is, in the end, very important. The transition to a sign-up should be as seamless as possible and connected to the entire user journey. Highlighting the reason why they need to sign-up, and what they receive after sign-up is completed, is important.

Consider interaction and completion rates separately. The interaction rate after the first impression is crucial since the majority of users will not start the registration if they think it is complicated or not engaging. There are so many behavioural factors operators need to consider in order to reduce drop-off rates while users are signing up – how data is validated, providing dynamic hints for input, workaround errors, system UI elements, relevant keyboards, and more.

Measure important UX metrics. Cognitive load measures the number of complex elements on each screen that the users need to process. The hesitation index measures the willingness of the user to proceed with the registration process and device sensitivity where efficiency in the UI on specific devices is measured.

Increase engagement

When players land on your site, you want them to engage with your brand, interact with your flow, and ultimately convert. The journey of the player on a flow gives operators very important data that shouldn’t be ignored.

Measuring data is straightforward, measuring the correct data can be a challenge but using that data to increase engagement is even harder. So how can operators engage players from the point of registration? It’s all about data and personalisation.

Data creates opportunities by giving insights to operators to become more customer-centric and in providing a relevant and customised experience for each of their players. After all, engaging players from the point of registration is crucial for success and revenue.

However, time and effort spent analysing a player’s behaviour is an investment to any operator. With deep reporting, operators get first-hand insights in identifying points in the onboarding process where players get stuck, struggle, and subsequently become confused and leave. The risk of not taking such insights seriously often leads to a gap in player engagement and a high amount of drop-offs.

Data is also an investment for success in new markets which in return gives players a better and more familiar experience leading to more conversions.

Increase affiliate conversion

As competition in the affiliate marketplace intensifies, advertisers should be optimising their offering. An obvious yet often overlooked place to start is the registration process from the affiliate site. Converting affiliate traffic has become easier, thanks to Regily Remote which is available for all operators using the Regily framework.

The challenge with converting players from an affiliate’s website is the number of redirects a player has to go through to sign-up which increases drop-offs. Each drop-off at this stage increases conversion cost significantly.

Regily Remote enables players to sign-up with the operators’ brand directly on the affiliate’s website by eliminating unnecessary re-directions which creates a better user experience. The triggered flow from the affiliate’s site is fully branded and opens up in the player’s language. It brings many benefits for the operators, affiliates, and players alike. Remote onboards players seamlessly, which provides instant conversion.

To round it all off, opting for a registration framework is the best investment operators can do in this day and age to gain that extra competitive advantage. It gives them more efficiency with a focus on their core business activities. It’s also a viable chance for expanding to new markets and getting closer to their players.

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The company was founded in January 2017 by Kristoffer Cassel and Alexey Kuznetsov. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Christian Karlsson, Regily

Christian Karlsson is chief commercial officer at Regily. Prior to joining Regily, he worked in strategic business developments and payments within the igaming industry. Notable is his four and a half years as head of payments for Leo Vegas, where he directed seamless mobile-first payment solutions and other initiatives.

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