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Weekend Review: Backers and layers battle to a draw on FA Cup weekend

Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Arsenal on Friday night meant Saturday’s FA Cup upsets had little impact

The FA Cup took centre stage this weekend as several Premier League sides bowed out to lower league opposition, in a win for the bookmakers.

Everton and West Ham were knocked out in two of Saturday’s televised matches against Millwall and AFC Wimbledon, while Newcastle, Arsenal and Burnley all fell in the fourth round.

Arsenal were knocked out by Friday evening after in-form Manchester United won 3-1 at The Emirates Stadium in a result which hit the layers hard before recouping some cash on Saturday’s action.

Kindred Group’s Ali Gill said: “The FA Cup in the earlier rounds always throws up a few shocks and this weekend was no different, although all things told we came out about even versus our players overall.

“Of course the biggest event of the round was Friday night’s heavyweight clash between old rivals Arsenal and Man Utd.

“Unfortunately, with more turnover came bigger losses as the in-form United put on an impressive display to win 3-1, with both teams scoring and the four goals scored overall combining to leave us starting the weekend in a decent-sized hole.

“But Spurs, Everton, West Ham, Wolves and Brighton all failing to beat lower league opposition helped us climb out and overall the FA Cup weekend was a tie,” he added.

Away from the FA Cup, one BetBull tipster earned his followers a nice victory on a European treble. BetBull PR man Jamie Hinks said: “Sunday afternoon was a good one for one particular tipster as an away team treble of Real Madrid, Juventus and Lyon allowed 333 followers to celebrate together.”

Kindred also did well on the Australian Open despite another tournament win for world number one Novak Djokovic after his straight sets victory versus Rafael Nadal.

Gill added: “On the other side of the world in Australia, the men’s final of the Australian Open went very much our way as Novak Djokovic easily beat Rafa Nadal.

“Djokovic was well fancied in the outright market and we took a small loss there but, having not lost a set on his way to the final, Nadal’s straight sets defeat left us comfortably ahead for the match.

“Despite her recent prominence and fine performances, Naomi Osaka’s win in the women’s final left us quite well ahead, and her win over Petra Kvitova in three sets also gave us a nice win,” he added.

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