Gambling industry mobilises support for Ukraine

Several firms launch financial and evacuation packages for employees and families as humanitarian crisis looms

The igaming industry has rallied support for its Ukrainian friends and colleagues following the tragic first steps of Russian aggression.

Ukraine, home to several igaming tech hubs, development studios and support networks for operators and suppliers, is dealing with the reality of an invasion led by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

While the outpouring of emotion has been evident from across the globe, the igaming industry has also stepped up to offer support in this time of crisis.

Along with messages offering prayers and thoughts littering LinkedIn, several firms have also taken admirable and concrete action to help support their Ukrainian colleagues.

Phil Pearson, iGaming Group COO, revealed how his company had moved to support its staff in Ukraine with a variety of measures.

He said: “Our thoughts and hope is with the people of the country. But for us it’s a bit more personal. We have staff in Ukraine, in various areas.

“We have offered to relocate them and fly them out on company funds, and arrange accommodation for them, paid by us, and immediately family. We have 24/7 staff on call if anything happens and they need any assistance,” he added.

CRM specialists Optimove also highlighted a package to help its Ukraine-based staff.

Posting on LinkedIn, CEO Pini Yakuel said: “Optimove has a team in Ukraine, and we simply had to do what we could to help them, somehow, even a little bit.

“This week, Optimove announced a special grant for every team member based in Ukraine to help them leave the country for safer grounds until this blows over, and we hope that day is very close.

“Several members of our team have already used the grant and temporarily relocated to a neighbouring country; others are in the process of leaving,” he added.

Dima Dimants, iGaming Content Services CEO, while offering a helping hand to Ukrainian partners, promised to end his company’s working relationships with Russian firms following the attack.

Dimants said: “I know this is a very small contribution and might sound strange, however I can only do what I can at this stage, in my current role and on this particular platform. I hope you all will do what you can, as well. As of today, we at iGaming Content Services stop working with all vendors and clients from Russia.

“All our commitments to Ukrainian companies and freelancers will stand. I will personally make sure that this war, started by Russia, will not affect our relationship,” he added.

At the time of writing, there are reports of explosions in the capital, Kyiv, forcing many to flee.

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