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The wait is finally over – the EGR Power 50 2019 is officially here. For more than 15 years, EGR has released its annual snapshot of the global online gambling market, providing a rundown of the key industry power players and how they are performing against their competitors.


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The egaming market is now virtually unrecognisable to when the first iteration of the Power 50 was released way back in 2003. At that stage in the market’s history, the dotcom model was the only game in town, online poker was booming, and safer gambling had yet to really enter the industry’s lexicon. And given the relative infancy of the market then, those companies at the top end of the Power 50 rankings chopped and changed on a fairly regular basis.


Today the market is obviously far more mature and the big players firmly established, which means M&A has recently been the most likely cause of any seismic shift  among the top-tier companies. And this remains broadly the case in 2019 too, with only one new entrant joining the top 10. It’s also important to note that given there is still a long way to go until the Flutter Entertainment/The Stars Group deal is completed, both companies have been listed separately this year. However, it would be safe to say that if the acquisition does go through, then it could potentially have a huge impact on next year’s edition of the Power 50.


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Various market trends have aff ected this year’s list, not least the growth of the US sector which has seen regulated sports betting, as well as online casino/poker, go live in more and more states. As a result, there are a number of new US-facing entrants this year to reflect this state of affairs. Meanwhile, the re-regulation of the Swedish market in January 2019 has caused something of a stir in recent months. For some companies, their fortunes in this region has been the deciding factor as to whether they have risen or fallen or, in the case of one company in particular, plummeted out of the rankings altogether.


The criteria for where a company ranks has stayed the same as in previous years. Each operator is marked against four categories: geographic reach (an adjustment factor is used for those with signifi cant grey/black market risk), strategy and impact, market influence and leadership, and financial power. For the latter criteria, accountancy heavyweight BDO has once again used its tried-and-tested financial model to help EGR crunch the numbers. However, while we try our best to make sure the process for compiling the list is as objective as possible, a certain amount of subjectivity does occasionally creep in and we also consulted industry experts to ensure the rankings are on the money.


So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out whether your company has made the cut in this year’s EGR Power 50.


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All companies which feature in the annual rankings receive an invitation to attend EGR’s exclusive Power 50 Summit. More information about the event will be announced soon.