EGR has partnered with eGaming Monitor (EGM) to broaden its data capabilities and ensure readers are well equipped with the tools they need to succeed.


EGM provides a wide variety of casino, games/slots, bingo and lottery data that can be tailored for game developers, platform providers, sportsbook operators, online casinos, as well as the financial services sector.


Data reports produced are interactive and allow for multiple analyses for different roles within each organisation, covering the performance of 45,000+ games, 500 bingo rooms, 1,400 gaming suppliers and 2,400 operators.


With EGM you’ll have the answers to all of the important questions, including:

          • Which games are topping the charts globally or regionally?
          • Which studios are performing best in terms of distribution across operator countries, groups, sites and pages/
          • How are the positions of their games changing across those pages from week to week?
          • Who are the biggest studio or aggregator dealmakers?
          • Which aggregator partners should I target, or which studios should I add?
          • How do different regions across the globe vary in terms of casino game types, features, game volatility, themes or even colours (this can be narrowed down to specific studios or operator groups, sites or game pages)?
          • How might current game performance affect quarterly results or what would a combination of studio a+b, or operator c+d, look like in terms of content distribution and/or sourcing?

What are the market shares by supplier and/or operator?For access to the eGaming Monitor platform and to find out more about their data and how it can help you, request a demo today.