Raven Track



Raven Track is one of the industry’s most disruptive i-gaming platforms, with an affiliate tracking platform to provide an integrated solution for gambling operators.


The Raven Track team boasts more than 30 years of expertise in the online gambling sector, with first-hand experience dealing with a variety of challenges in affiliate tracking to give us a clear edge over competitors.


Since we’ve been on both sides of the equation, Raven Track understand the problems faced by affiliates and operators in today’s competitive online gambling market. It put us in a unique position to consider all facets of tracking, which allowed us to create the innovative Raven Track platform.


The numbers speak for themselves. Since launching in 2019, Raven Track has generated more than 30 million monthly clicks equating to over £10m in revenue for seventeen online brands and over 5,000 affiliates.


Customer support is UK-based, and our only objective in business is to give our partners the best tracking technology at a competitive price.

Compliance and regulation are continually evolving, so Raven offers comprehensive KYC checks built by a proven team of regulatory experts.

Seamless migrations from your existing platforms minimalise the barriers for stepping up a level. We understand that each migration and integration process is different. Migrating players, affiliates, and offers can be a stressful and time-consuming transition for operators. As part of our migration and integration services, our engineering team works closely with you and your current platform provider to make this process as quick and smooth as possible.


Timely and accurate data are crucial to marketing optimisation efforts. Raven provides a wide range of detailed reports from business and growth metrics to creative performance reports. This functionality allows you to make informed and prompt decisions.


Raven’s API offers the ability to automate your work. For example, the Player Report API improves performance for affiliates while operators can use the click lookup and track API to implement parallel tracking for Google Ads.

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