EGR Webinar - Reaching customers emails cannot reach: How behavioural data and new tools are boosting player engagement

Join EGR and OtherLevels on Thursday 29 June at 2pm BST for our upcoming FREE webinar:

Big Data has been an industry buzzword for some time now, but few operators are using it to is full capacity to boost player engagement and revenues. Indeed, many remain wedded to outmoded email-based marketing campaigns that reach few of their customers and produce poor results. Yet with more sophisticated data analysis, new engagement techniques, and the ability to personalise messaging, solutions are available – even when it comes to customers who opt-out of marketing.

In this webinar, OtherLevels senior mobile marketing manager, EMEA, Joe Hannaford, will discuss how the use of tools such as web and mobile push notifications, rich inbox, and interstitials is helping brands like Camelot, Ladbrokes, and Paddy Power cut through the noise and produce a far better return on investment.

Speaker Line-Up

Joe Hannaford, senior mobile marketing manager, EMEA, OtherLevels


In association with:

other levels



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