EGR Webinar - Digital Transformation in egaming: Preparing for the connected revolution

Venue:  Online

Join EGR and Akamai on Tuesday 11 December 2018 for our upcoming FREE webinar:

With the online gambling industry being a constantly changing space, the key challenges and opportunities in the industry are rapidly evolving also. Recently we have seen new markets open up while others clamp down on regulatory restrictions, surges in M&A activity and an increased focus on new formats and new technology such as blockchain and AI. In such a fast-paced landscape, operators need to embrace transformative technologies and look towards globalising operations to both capitalise on opportunities and safeguard against being left behind by their competitors.

This webinar will focus on what the new wave of digital platforms are and why they are needed to protect against potential security threats, allow for a more scalable and agile platform and provide opportunities to develop new services and a maximised user experience.

Confirmed Panellists
Enrique Duvos, director product marketing, Akamai
Richard Meeus, security strategy, Akamai

02:00pm GMT/ 03:00pm CET on Tuesday 11th December 2018

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