EGR Webinar: Adding value through platform architecture: Going above and beyond legacy provisions

Join EGR and Pragmatic Solutions to discuss the importance of modernising platforms for mobile gaming

Venue:  Online

In modern-day gaming, legacy is not necessarily the equivalent of value. With the speedy pace at which online gaming is developing, content and platform providers are challenged to develop scalable solutions that allow faster integrations while adapting to ever changing market conditions. Operators display a real understanding of gaming products, but when faced with one of their biggest decisions to transform and update their platforms, many ignore the “coding” behind it.

This webinar will focus on the importance of modernising platforms for mobile gaming, explaining the transition from legacy platforms to modern technology and a client-led approach that has an API based solution adjustable to any requirements.


Mark Woollard, business development director, Pragmatic Solutions

Valli Fragoso, chief product officer, Pragmatic Solutions

How to attend: 

The webinar is free to attend. Click here to register.