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Docaposte Trust & Sign’s Clémence Barret looks at whether cloud deployment is compatible with regulatory requirements for online gaming

Current online gaming regulations do not specify whether data traceability systems and gaming platforms could be deployed in the cloud or not. Nowadays, some regulatory requirements prevent full deployments in the cloud due to many constraints, the main one being the requirement of data storage in countries where there is no local cloud hosting datacentre. This raises multiple questions about the regulatory compliance of using public cloud.

Cloud deployment is possible for most of the gaming platform components like the internal control system (Data Vault) which is required in many more regulations like France, Spain, the Netherlands and Argentina. The Vault can be based on a redundant central data traceability platform, with a multitenancy per jurisdiction. This ensures the data capture, the registration of operations and transactions, as well as the necessary data processing is shared across multiple jurisdictions. In this case, the central platform ensures records sorting and grouping as per regulator specifications. It also takes care of their chaining, timestamping, sealing and encryption to guarantee their completeness, integrity and confidentiality. When required by the jurisdiction, the central platform ensures a data replication in-country for local regulator access, hosted on local hosting services.

In order to optimise operation costs, and take advantage of the performance, scalability and reliability, online gaming operators are widely adopting public cloud solutions. They can rely on technical partners such as, Docaposte, a subsidiary of La Poste Groupe, the leading provider as gaming vault provider in Europe and digital trust in France. Docaposte offers a single platform based on public cloud that hosts vault services compliant with regulatory requirements. This solution enables regulators to easily and securely access from their jurisdiction at any time, according to their specific requirements. The cloud approach delivers real benefits for all stakeholders by ensuring the highest levels of compliance and security. It significantly reduces the cost of ownership and improves flexibility for gaming operators, along with ensuring the objectives in terms of player protection, fight against fraud and the creation of a fair and sustainable online gaming market.

To conclude, being compliant on public cloud is possible. Its adoption by the online gaming industry is already a fact, while regulators need to express a clear position on cloud deployment so that gaming operators have clear guidelines when applying for new licences.

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Clémence Barret is head of sales for online gaming solutions within Docaposte Trust & Sign. She heads worldwide sales for vault compliance services for gaming operators. Barret has a rich technical background, built over a 10-year career in the software industry.

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