Rightlander bolsters BetBull safer gambling portfolio with compliance tool

Automated Compliance Monitor, PPC Monitor and Proactive Affiliate Finder will all be integrated into BetBull to improve RG measures

Rightlander has joined forces with BetBull to improve its compliance and responsible gambling measures.

Rightlander will strengthen BetBull with a range of affiliate compliance tools, including the Automated Compliance Monitor which helps detect non-compliant content across territories including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and the US.

The monitor flags potential violations such as missing terms and conditions, outdated offers and incorrect marketing assets, allowing BetBull to remain compliant according to jurisdiction-specific regulations.

Rightlander head of customer success Nicole Mitton said: “It’s great to see operators like BetBull partnering with Rightlander to ensure adherence to advertising regulations.

“These efforts are not only noteworthy from a regulatory point of view, but are also a solid indicator that BetBull are invested in protecting the interests of their stakeholders, affiliates and players in regulated markets.”

Meanwhile, a PPC Monitor and a Proactive Affiliate Finder will enable BetBull to remain proactive and in control of its affiliate marketing.

The Proactive Affiliate Finder scans millions of web pages every month to identify new and prominent sites and the innovative PPC Monitor identifies harmful ads to stop them from appearing on an operator’s branded keywords.

Gabrielle Mallia of BetBull said: “The PPC Monitor is particularly key in allowing us to ensure adherence to policies specifically related to keywords and geos of promotion.

“Rightlander increases the efficiency in our compliance monitoring with its wide scope and allows us to quickly identify any breaches should they occur,” she added.

BetBull entered into an $80m joint venture US sports betting agreement with Wynn Resorts back in November 2020.

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